try before you buy

You can now get into Glamping the safest way in the market place with our unique 'Try before you Buy' scheme.

We are offering the opportunity for you to dip your toe into the Glamping side of the business and try our Pods out. This gives you the flexibility to test your market and find out which Pods will work for your business - if any.

This offer is only available through ourselves and is a currently a LIMITED OFFER on a first come first serve basis. 



Step 1 - You decide on a Pod, we then lease it to you for 18 months 

Step 2 - During the first 9 months if you wish to keep the Pod, you just pay us the   outstanding balance of the purchase price & the Pod is yours. The only condition is that you make your mind up within the first 9 months of the lease.

What other options are there at the end of the 18 months?

You can continue to lease the Pod for another 18 months, change the Pod for a different one and start another 'Try before you Buy' lease or just give the Pod back.

To start your 'Try before you Buy' lease, Please contact the ONS Team here